Accelerating Culture Shift with Global Leader Learning Communities


The Challenge: Driving leadership culture shift across disparate acquisitions

At FLEETCOR, growth by acquisition had resulted in inconsistent employee experience and leadership effectiveness across divisions and teams, and the fast pace and hyper-focus on productivity left little room for development. The Global CHRO of FLEETCOR recognized that, while challenging, the need to integrate multiple companies also presented a tremendous opportunity to shift the corporate culture to one that prioritized people-centered learning and development.

Focused on creating consistency in the approach to talent development, strengthening intact teams and increasing the leadership skills of people managers, she set out to build a collective and global network of talent that could also support succession strategies. Imperative to the object was the leader’s capacity to immediately impact the culture by modeling and engaging in a higher level of leadership.

Our Approach: Create a global leadership program that scales across the organization

We anchored this global leadership program around five key competencies: innovation, execution, integrity, people and collaboration. Our design focus was clear: increase leader self and other-awareness, build skills and provide real-world practice throughout the duration of the program. This comprehensive learning experience including the following elements:

  • Stakeholder interviews to anchor leader’s personal desires for growth into the thread of the program
  • Practical frameworks to effectively coach and develop others in their current work
  • Small group pods designed with geographic and functional considerations for deeper networking and global perspectives to problem solving
  • 360-degree feedback for self-awareness and individual leadership enrichment
  • 1:1 executive coaching for support and sustainability
  • Designated developmental partner (at least one level down) for immediate application of learning and succession focus

The Impact: Accelerated culture shift through global teams, peer groups and immediate skills application

  • Increased collaboration across functional and geographical areas
  • Greater self-awareness of personal style impact on individual performance
  • Deeper understanding of the leader’s role in culture
  • A learning culture that values differences
  • Higher engagement and more effective communication across levels
  • Building momentum and sustaining new ways of engaging

Real Cultural Change Awaits

Not sure where to start or what support you need? We’re here to help you make a real impact for yourself and your organization.