People-centered Leadership in Dynamic Times

The Challenge: Shifting from technical and tactical management to people-centered leadership

Against the backdrop of rapidly evolving dynamics impacting the Information Security division at Turner, the CISO sought to develop a deep bench of talented leaders focused on delivering complex initiatives collaboratively across the company. 

Turner needed their emerging leaders within the Global Technology & Operations Information Security Office (ISO) to move from a purely technical skills and tactical mindset to one characterized by enhanced communication and people skills.  

Our Approach: Comprehensive cohort-based learning experience supported by individual coaching

A seamless 9-month Leadership Development Program paired custom workshops, designed and delivered by Clearwater, with Turner branded Learning & Development content delivered by Turner. Integrating these elements with cohort-based learning pods and individual coaching to support participants in fully stepping into their mindset and behavior shifts resulted in a robust program designed for sustained growth and learning. The program content was anchored in self-awareness, problem-solving skills, team dynamics and developing the art of influence. 

Core frameworks included:

  • DiSC work style assessment tool for effective communication 
  • 360° Feedback for self-awareness and development 
  • 1:1 Executive coaching 
  • Self-led cohorts for problem-solving practice and sustained learning creating a powerful learning community in parallel as individuals also focused on themselves

The Impact: Greater self- and other-awareness leads to more agile and inclusive leadership

  • Enhanced problem-solving capability
  • Greater self-awareness and management of blind spots
  • Higher level of confidence in managing up
  • Appreciation for others on the team; intentional commitment to valuing diversity
  • Greater understanding of the impact of unconscious basis

Real Cultural Change Awaits

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