Leaders: Will your team still be engaged after summer vacations?

Yes, it’s still springtime, but not to early for leaders to prepare for employee summer vacations. As we have previously covered, vacations give employees a much needed break and time to contemplate their work situation, job satisfaction and their next career move. Some return from vacation with a renewed commitment, but not to your organization. Instead, they are committed to looking for a new job.

How can leaders ensure employees return from vacation this summer with an attitude of engagement and commitment to their team and organization? Start now in making sure they are engaged and committed before they leave for vacation!

The field of positivity supplies vast amounts of research on the connection between trust, positivity and results and the impact they produce on engagement levels and culture. Company culture and trust in leadership are key to this. 

Use the questions in Does Your Organization Have the Summertime Blues? to assess where your team and organization stand.

There are several situations leading to lack of employee satisfaction or engagement where TRUST is the underlying issue. Address them now.

Lack of trust in leadership or within teams can simmer away on its own until it reaches a full boil of distrust, lack of communication and commitment from both leaders and team members. Dysfunctional teams then spawn poor results, disengaged employees and a damaged company culture. 

Do you see yourself as a trustworthy team leader? Are you perceived as a trustworthy leader? How would you know? 

Start with learning how leaders impact trust in a team or organization. Check our post 3 Ways Leaders Erode Trust in an Organization  and use the free self-assessment there to rate your team leadership.

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