Leadership Development: For the Moment vs. Momentous Impact


1. moment (noun) = a very brief period of time

2. momentous (adj.) = (of a decision, event or change) of great importance or significance, especially in its bearing on the future

Is effective leadership in the workplace a challenge for your organization? How do you intend to provide the opportunity for long-term change or growth within your department or company? Or, are you looking for a quick fix to what you hope will be a short-term problem? Solve the problem with a comprehensive leadership development and training program. A band-aid fix almost always results in short-term, unsustainable change. Make your investment in your leaders momentous, not just a moment in time.

Your team will follow your lead and work to fulfill your vision when you set the expectation for them and other high-potential talent through your participation and commitment to leadership development and training. So decide what you want: to make a change for the moment or the opportunity to make a momentous impact? If your choice is “momentous”, shouldn’t you assess where you are on leadership, productivity, high-functioning teams, etc.? What are doing right now going to make a momentous impact for the future of your organization?