The Real Benefits of Executive Coaching for Leaders

Research From Bersin 2011 shows that the most severe performance management challenge is managers’ inability to coach their employees. Yet, when an organization is more effective in coaching their talent, they report 42% higher productivity. Although 70% of companies claim their leaders coach their talent, only 11% actually do. So this gap that exists inside companies today suggests the need to source leadership development outside the organization to enhance the growth of key talent.

This executive coaching investment in talent produces a culture of self awareness, less judgment, more accountability, more engagement and higher results. Leaders today want executive coaching because:

  • It shows an investment in their growth for the future
  • It helps a leader with a potential derailing blind spot
  • It encourages new skill acquisition for the leader
  • It enhances performance on leadership teams
  • It is a safe place to work out problems and find solutions
  • It prepares the leader for the next promotion
  • It allows the leader to manage their own career

But the real benefit of executive coaching success is what happens to the leader, his team and everyone within his/her sphere of influence. Our experience in coaching over 650 corporate leaders is that executive coaching is the catayst for hope. The emotional, intangible relationship that gets established between coach and coachee creates a sacred and fertile ground in which to explore what motivates us to change, to adapt, to believe, and to embrace and step into what’s possible.

What hope are you providing for your leaders?