Tips for Team Leadership: Are Atilla the Hun or Alexander the Great?

Imagine this. You’re somebody’s role model!

What is it you want to be role modeling? At any point in time, your peers, your direct reports, your boss, the board, your customers and vendors, may see you in a business setting and say, that’s exactly the way I want to be.

You’ve done the same thing – throughout your life you chose to be impressed by particular characters. Some of them you knew personally – the 3rd grade homeroom teacher, your baseball coach,  or your first boss. Others, you saw from afar or read about – a famous athlete, actor, scientist, artist, community leader. Who is your most memorable role model?

Today you are a team leader and someone else’s role model. Are you Attila the Hun? Or are you Alexander the Great? Are you Margaret Thatcher or Mother Teresa? You get the drift. What team leadership examples are you going to emulate?

Consider this: as a team leader you are creating an environment in which you and your team can thrive, be productive, achieve and exceed goals. From the list below, select (5) words that best describe the behavior you want to role model (and feel free to add your own words to the list):

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Now rate yourself on each quality you circled from 1 to 5, low to high, wherein a 5 is Role Model, having achieved the best of that quality, and a 1 is Needs Improvement. What does this suggest you need to focus on in terms of your own professional development? What do you want to stand for?

Action: What statement can you make to your team members and peers about what you want to stand for, what you do stand for?