Virtual engagement. Oxymoron or possibility?

How can an experience that is virtual and simulated feel more authentic, connecting, and engaging?

A company meeting on Zoom

Ask anyone who has attended a Zoom happy hour, celebration, book club gathering, or game night…make it interactive and fun!

Engagement matters. We know from countless studies performed by neuroscientists and scholars alike that engaged employees are more productive and are certainly a whole lot more pleasurable to work with.

As many of us continue adjusting to working remotely and are navigating our way through Zoom, Webex, GoToMeetings, and other technology platforms, a few tips for making those virtual interactions more interactive and enjoyable is welcomed reading. A special thank you to a few of our clients for sharing and experimenting with us: Aprio, Fleetcor, Marietta High School, and Troutman Pepper.

6 tips with a twist:

  1. Virtual background – ask participants to select a virtual background and share something about it during the meeting. A few ideas include selecting an image that is reflective of their DiSC style, happy place, favorite vacation, hobby, inspiration, how they are feeling about a specific topic or situation.
  2. Creative name display – after joining, ask participants to edit how their name is displayed, e.g. name and DiSC style, one word to describe how they are feeling (in general, about a specific topic, a recent decision, etc.), one adjective that describes their personality and begins with the same letter as their name (e.g. Courageous Conni.)
  3. Discussion breakout groups – choose a topic focus and pose a question to the group, give 10 minutes to discuss, and bring back as a larger group to share, e.g. As we continue to work together virtually, what is one thing that is working well? What is one thing that we should start doing to x (x = build collaboration, strengthen communication, foster connection, get to know each other better…)? What is one thing you have learned about yourself during the pandemic? What is a highlight from your week/weekend?
  4. Fact or fiction – present a series of 10 statements and poll participants to ask if they think it’s a fact or fiction, e.g. company history, culture, norms, leadership or participant fun facts.
  5. Partner interviews – assign interview pairs and a few key questions (or let partners determine questions) and on an upcoming call ask them to share one thing they learned or one fun fact about their partner. 
  6. Test your knowledge polls – use polling questions to test attendee’s knowledge around DiSC styles, company history, a company topic that was recently covered, etc. 

Experiment with infusing more interaction and fun into your virtual experiences to strengthen connection and engagement. Let us know how it goes and keep the great ideas coming!   

This is Clearwater celebrating our special colleague Andrea’s birthday over happy hour. Since we couldn’t be together in person, we surprised her by using virtual backgrounds from her actual lake house to simulate being together.

Four women on a Zoom call

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