Why do women get stuck in middle management roles more than men?

We are honored to be presenting at two upcoming events on the topic of “extraordinary female leadership”. In the process of preparing for this workshops, we have immersed ourselves in tons of data examining the reasons why women get stuck far more often than men in middle management positions. The articles and the research papers all seem to point to a variety of reasons.

Our team at Clearwater have all worked in a variety of industries- retail, pharmaceutical, technology, marketing- while working for established businesses, start-ups, turn-arounds, and small businesses. We certainly enjoyed a lively debate about some of our own experiences. We shared our own stories of how hard it was to move past the middle management ranks and into more senior roles. We examined our own feelings about the choices we made and what those decisions cost us in our careers.

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And, stay tuned as we share our research, stories and perspectives with you! This subject remains a fascinating one for all women and men in the workplace today.