Why Use DiSC Training for Teams

Lately, we’ve been fielding a good number of inquiries about DiSC assessments and training for creating high functioning teams and strengthening work place relationships. In fact, the last several programs we’ve designed included DiSC as an anchor or as a major component of the leadership development training.

disc training for teams

DiSC training for teams can be used in various capacities including Executive Retreats, Coaching Skills for Leaders or Developing High Functioning Teams and for each client DiSC has been a huge success!! This is why:

  1. DiSC improves personal effectiveness by knowing your own work style AND supports your ability to behave differently “on purpose” when interacting with other DiSC work styles
  2. DiSC includes a “people reading” component to help you decipher communication clues for style interpretation resulting in fewer challenging exchanges
  3. DiSC provides an understanding of what motivates a particular person’s work style and offers opportunities to solve problems effectively
  4. DiSC provides skills and information that can be utilized to begin transforming a team’s culture immediately
  5. DiSC workshops provide an understanding of how to best work with different styles

Organizations that can benefit from DiSC:

  • Those that desire stronger relationships with customers
  • Organizations that want to improve leadership effectiveness, increase employee engagement and create better relationships with team members
  • Teams that want to become more high functioning and collaborative
  • Sales organizations where customer-focused selling is required
  • Newly formed teams that need to become more cohesive
  • Existing teams with new team members

Does your team need a shot in the arm? Where might DiSC make a difference within your organization?